Upgrade flights.
Upgrade hotels.
Upgrade loyalty.
Upgrade Pack.

Welcome to Upgrade Pack. The ultimate way to upgrade flights and hotels. The ultimate customer loyalty mechanic. The ultimate employee benefit.

Customer Loyalty

We offer a one-of-a-kind customer benefit for premium banks and credit card providers globally. To increase loyalty, drive acquisition and retention, and differentiate from your competitors, Upgrade Pack is the solution.

Employee Benefits

Upgrade Pack offers you, as an employer in any sector, a unique way to incentivise and reward your people. Give them access to exclusive and discounted travel upgrades. Help make their downtime count.

For Users

We offer you the ultimate travel reward – access to exclusive and discounted travel upgrades. Made available to you through your bank, credit card, or employer, the Upgrade Pack app (for iOS and Android) helps you enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

Our mission

To transform the way upgrades are attained by the most valued customers and employees of the world’s most innovative companies.

News & Views

Our latest thinking, opinions, and predictions - and what the media is saying about Upgrade Pack.