Recognise and reward your most valuable customers

Your customers, clients, and members want the best. That's why they choose to work with you. When it comes to working with the best, expectations are high.

We offer the customers of our Financial Services clients unlimited access to exclusive and discounted upgrades on flights and hotels, in an industry first innovation.

Partner with Upgrade Pack for the ultimate loyalty mechanic and a compelling customer attraction and retention tool.

Unlimited annual access for the cost of answering just one concierge call
of people expect
proactive communication from brands
Airline and hotel partners engaged worldwide - a globally useful benefit

How does it work?

The idea

What customers want

Travel remains the benefit category people value the most. And 95% of people say the one thing they want most when they travel is an upgrade.

Upgrade Pack provides you the opportunity to offer your most valued customers with something they truly crave – and will actually use.

An exclusive benefit, with a very high-perceived-value, our platform is like no other.

Benefits without obstacles

With one flat annual fee per member, your premium customers can use the platform as often as they like, at no additional cost to you.

Eliminating the risk of increased costs for increased utilisation, Upgrade Pack offers the visibility and forward planning you need with the stickiness and value perception your customers demand.

Our technology-led model means your flagship benefit remains marketable and accessible. Exactly what you need from a flagship benefit.

Capture incremental spend

With the ability to directly link access to usage of your products or services, Upgrade Pack works in tandem with your ecosystem, capturing spend.

Increased spend, increased loyalty, and increased product demand; all tailored for premium and high net worth users. It's what our company was founded on.

A standout benefit

Upgrade Pack is a simple subscription model, designed to be an easy-to-budget reward for packaged bank accounts, credit cards, and loyalty services.

More efficient and cost effective than traditional travel rewards - such as airport lounge access and concierge services - it's an efficient way of driving acquisition, loyalty, and retention with your most important customers.

The luxury of simplicity

Travel pricing and loyalty mechanics share the legacy issue of being intentionally complicated.

At Upgrade Pack, we are turning that on its head - creating a premium, simple, and easy-to-use service that meets the high expectations of your most valued customers and drives usage and utilisation.


End-to-end encryption, tokenised payments, PCI-DSS (Level 1) compliance, secure data, enterprise cloud infrastructure, data sovereignty rules, GDPR rules adhered to globally, no third party data access... All part of the Upgrade Pack ecosystem that protects clients and users alike.

David Addison

Head of Financial Services

Natalie Ang

Head of Business Development

"It’s fantastic to be able to offer a loyalty benefit to our best customers that they actually want and will actually use."
CEO, Private Bank

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