Enhanced work life balance for your best assets; your people.

Employee satisfaction is key to maintaining a happy team. Upgrade Pack offers you a unique way to incentivise and reward your employees, by giving them access to exclusive and discounted upgrades when they travel.

The ultimate reminder that you care about their wellbeing both in and out of the office.

Both valued and used

Invest in an employee benefit that spans multiple demographics and subjective tastes and interests; encouraging and ensuring maximum utilisation and value.

Globally relevant

The ability to provide a reward that can be used for both leisure and business travel, all around the world, maximises the perceived benefit for your employees.

Invest in wellbeing

Show you care about work life balance, and invest in your employees' wellbeing by helping enhance their next city break, family trip, downtime, or sabbatical.

"This is infinitely better than the average employee benefits out there. Our people will be excited by this - and they'll use it."

CEO, Strategy Consulting Firm

Why it works

100% technology

Leveraging the new open standards within the travel industry, we've created a whole new type of Employee Benefits platform. Powered by globally-scalable, always-on, enterprise-cloud technology, our pureplay model delivers a consistent, relevant, and secure experience every time.

High perceived value

72% of employees say that benefits they can use to enhance their downtime are the rewards they value the most. Upgrade Pack delivers a benefit that has an exceptionally high perceived value due to the possibility to save hundreds of pounds - doing something they love.

Enterprise grade security

End-to-end encryption, tokenised payments, PCI-DSS (Level 1) compliance, secure data, enterprise cloud infrastructure, data sovereignty rules, GDPR rules adhered to globally, no third party data access... All part of the Upgrade Pack ecosystem that protects you and your employees alike.

Work life balance

Work life balance and overall wellbeing are crucial focuses for the modern employer. Whilst Upgrade Pack can be used for both business and leisure travel, our focus is enabling employees to enhance their time away from the office. Making a weekend break, a family holiday, or a sabbatical that bit more exciting, relaxing and enjoyable.

Return on investment

We provide users, and in turn Employers, a tangible ROI based on the savings that users can attain. Just one upgrade per year will save more than the cost of the annual subscription. If your employees like to travel (and 69% of people say travel is their number one interest outside of work), Upgrade Pack makes sense. It really is that simple.

Let's talk about employee benefits

If you'd like to learn more about Upgrade Pack, demo our platform, or discuss how it could complement your Employee Benefits program, please get in touch. You can call us or send an email using the link below.