We work with our global airline and hotel partners to match their premium, valuable, and protected 'inventory' (that's seats and rooms if you're not a travel geek!) with people - like you - who want to buy them when they travel.

Our airline and hotel partners make these discounted upgrades available via Upgrade Pack because we're a 'closed marketplace' i.e. not just anyone can access the deals.

So, how do you get started?

Upgrade Pack is exclusively available via select banks, credit card issuers, and large employers around the world.

To tell us about who you bank with, what credit card you have, or where you work, click the relevant button below.

If there's a match, we can then let you know how to register and start upgrading. If we don't work with your bank / credit card / employer yet, we'll add them to our list and then let you know when we do.

Please select your region.

Of course, any data you give us is governed by our Privacy Policy.

How does it work?

Simplicity is key with Upgrade Pack, with our one-of-a-kind app doing all the hard work for you. Which means you're only ever a few taps away from an upgrade.

1. Your booking reference

Add your booking reference (sometimes called a 'PNR') to the app.

This helps us find your existing booking and find out what upgrade options are available.

This is usually a six digit alphanumeric code - something like A1B2C3, etc.

2. Confirm your current itinerary

We do one quick check that the booking reference you entered is showing in our system correctly.

Scan the date, time, and routing details and we're good to go.

Now... Let's see what upgrades are available!

3. It's all about options

We almost-instantly confirm what you can upgrade to. Swap out that Economy seat for Premium Economy. Treat yourself to Business Class. Or splurge on First Class.

We know if one, some, or all of your flights can be upgraded - and let you know which.

It works exactly the same way for hotels.

4. #GetUpgraded

The last step is the easiest. We show you what the total cost of the upgrade should be (to Joe Public on the street) and, then, what our exclusively discounted price is.

If you want it, just type in your card's CVV code and it's yours.


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