January 4, 2019

Five lessons from five weeks - Robbie Burnett

Robbie Burnett

Working as an intern for Upgrade Pack has been an eye-opening experience. It has prepared me for working life after university whilst teaching me key lessons about the professional environment and also myself. I have certainly not done everything perfectly, but I have learnt more than I could have imagined and have had such an enjoyable time.

1. Social Media & Travel

I have been in charge of Upgrade Pack’s social accounts during my internship. Before starting here I had underestimated the power and influence that social media can have for businesses. My previous experience with it was mostly spent scrolling through funny videos!

I had to change my approach, using it as a powerful communications tool for the company. Initially I found it challenging and I was under-confident in my ability to post and take control of the social accounts. However as the internship progressed I began to embrace representing and posting on behalf of the company.

I also didn’t have a great awareness of the travel industry before working at Upgrade Pack. The research tasks I have performed have given me an in-depth knowledge of how it operates and also its close ties with social media. This internship has made me realise that I would love to work in the travel sector and it’s something I am now going to investigate for my future career.

2. Confront Challenges

I faced regular challenges during the internship. My role included having to juggle a number of tasks at once and not being the most organised, I struggled in prioritising them.  Our VP of Commercial, Peter, advised me to ensure I completed a set few tasks each day, especially those that were nagging me. I did these ones first so that they wouldn’t distract me, allowing me to be more productive throughout the rest of the day.  On a few occasions I started a piece of research and later realised I had made a mistake, requiring me to start from scratch. Two things helped me overcome this problem. 1) Approaching tasks with a structured and thought-out plan. 2) Asking my peers for advice. Everyone in the office was willing to help me out, even those in different departments, and this made me feel very supported.

3. Stay Energised

This was incredibly easy whilst working at Upgrade Pack as there was a wide array of delicious snacks and drinks to choose from daily! Whether it was coffees, chocolate biscuits or even pizza, I always managed to keep my energy levels up to stay as productive as possible.

4. Be part of the team

Although I learnt a lot from various tasks, I gained the most from my fellow co-workers. They were all kind enough to take the time to personally explain the intricacies of the business to me when I first joined. This helped me gain a wider understanding of the business, industry and also the different roles that comprised the Upgrade Pack team. Everyone tried their utmost to make me feel like a full time member of the group rather than just an intern and this made working much more enjoyable.

I was taken out for pizza in my first week and also my final week, which was both considerate and thoughtful.  This allowed me to get to know everyone outside of the work environment and build relationships with each Upgrade Pack member.  Being able to have the occasional joke around the office was always entertaining and made the time fly.

5: Believe in the vision

Part of what made this internship so interesting for me was that I instantly bought into the vision and direction of the company. I think Upgrade Pack can make a real difference to people’s travel experiences and lives, therefore I was naturally driven towards the company’s success. The whole team was also completely committed and on board, generating an ambitious and positive atmosphere around the office. I think Upgrade Pack is a unique company with a great team, a wonderful atmosphere and a positive future. It’s been a fantastic five weeks.

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