December 14, 2018

Life as an UP Intern

Ahmari Bhogal
UP Intern

I have always been interested in travel, the evolution of technology and the buzzing, fast-paced city of London. So, naturally, when I heard about the launch of Upgrade Pack and its Internships program, I jumped straight on the opportunity. Being generally quite eager to learn and having finished university recently, I was excited to try something new and engaging, which Upgrade Pack has so far delivered perfectly for me.

I have never worked full time, neither have I ever worked in London, so this experience is completely new to me. Getting used to working life has definitely been a challenge! With little sleep, trying to figure out how to use the tubes properly, and how manic rush hour is. I have to say it is all completely worth it to be able to work for, not only a start up company but a company that is involved with the things I am interested in personally. Being a friendly easy going team, who help you every step of the way with the learning curve, doesn’t hurt either!

From studying Law to going into a technology business, the transition has been difficult but the Upgrade Pack team have made it really easy to make the transition. On my first week I was shown how to do everything the role required of me, even the little things like researching effectively to being shown how to use online tools and services properly. I’ve learnt an incredible amount and it’s only the second week of my time here.

The experience I have gained so far has been extremely beneficial and working for a start up company is so different to working for an already established business. I can / will be able to see the company evolve from a blank page, (ready for the creativity and knowledge required to help it come to life), and - even as an intern - I feel like I am contributing to that growth.

Although the internship is only temporary, I’ve already taken away invaluable long term skills, shaping me for when I do eventually get a permanent job. For many, you might look at an intern role and think you’ll be made to do the most tedious tasks, however, I have been given tasks that I have greatly learned from and acquired skills which will be invaluable for what I pursue next. The team are always checking in to make sure I’m not only enjoying myself but that I am actually learning, which I am very grateful for. It’s been great fun.

Ahmari Bhogal
UP Intern - Research
Summer 2018

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