February 27, 2019

Our most-loved airline liveries

Louise Naqvi
PR Manager

The 100 year anniversary of BA has been marked with a homage to its retro BOAC livery. From the sublime to the ridiculous, we reflect on some of the designs that have made an impression on us over the years. 

"Iceland Air's Northern Lights themed plane, Hekla Aurora, just beautiful". Urchana Moudgil, COO
"Without a doubt mine is the Landor livery for BA". Craig Unsworth, CEO
"Not actually a change-up, but I've always loved the Etihad livery". Ali GeaGea, Head of Partners
"I love the fun of this one by westJet. Personality with a sprinkle of magic". Louise Naqvi, PR Manager
"As a die hard Iron Maiden fan, this is hard to beat. Still practising my, 'I'm with the band' line, just in case. - George Paterson, VP of Technology
"Anyone...No...? Just me then..." - Luis Ouriach, Lead Designer
"As Head of Partners and self-confessed airline geek, I get 2 choices, and this Aboriginal design from Qantas' Flying Art series is #2". - Ali GeaGea, Head of Partners
"8000 man hours to deliver this design for a competition winner is some commitment by ANA!" - Michael Yao, Full Stack Developer
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