December 19, 2018

Technology at Upgrade Pack

George Paterson
VP of Technology

At Upgrade Pack we are building a next generation technology platform to transform the way upgrades are attained by the most valued customers and employees of the world’s most innovative companies.

To create such an awesome platform with global reach, impressive performance, and robust security we are using Google Cloud. Google Cloud enables us to write JavaScript for the whole platform and architect a microservices solution that will enable us to rapidly scale.

Using a single language across the technology stack is important to us; it enables front and back end developers to seamlessly work together and if a developer wants to move full-stack they can with our support and guidance.

The front end of the platform will initially be Web focused, using React to develop a component based interface. We'll be writing semantic and accessible HTML, generating performant CSS, and using Redux to manage state. Development will leverage test automation and continuous delivery principles. We will be moving to a Mobile App in the future but as with all thing Upgrade Pack it will be built with JavaScript using React Native.

The back end will be focused on microservices; we initially develop the API spec using OpenAPI with testing on Postman. Once we're happy with the API; we'll develop the code using Node.js. The framework and database we choose will be the optimal solution for the microservice being developed, right now we are using Express and Loopback deployed to App Engine, with Cloud SQL and Cloud Datastore. As with front end development, automation and continuous delivery are important to us.

Technology at Upgrade Pack isn't just about writing code; we work in collaboration with user experience, visual design, and product management. It is a true partnership between the teams to create the best product possible and we manage that relationship using Jira, and Confluence to fully document the solution.

If you want to join the Technology team at Upgrade Pack we are hiring, and will continue to do so throughout the next six to nine months. You can find out more about Careers at Upgrade Pack, and our current vacancies, in the menu above. We’re creating a diverse, collaborative, supportive, and focused group of people. Culture isn’t just an add-on… With a blank canvas, we’re creating a culture from the ground up that reflects our values and our view of what a modern company should be.

If you want to hear more about our journey, please connect with us on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook.

George Paterson
VP of Technology

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