December 14, 2018

Company culture

Peter Shackleton
VP of Commercial

June 25th marked the ‘launch’ of Upgrade Pack and it was quite a different first day. Upgrade Pack launched as a well funded business (I can’t understate how good a job the team has done in bringing on board such an incredible group of investors and advisors), with the remaining members of the management team joining collectively on day one.

Joining a startup is nothing like joining an existing business. That’s not to say it isn’t professional, it’s just less about “this is how things are done” and more “how do you want to do things”. At Upgrade Pack, we were greeted on day one with our own welcome packs and IT kit into our fab new office in Richmond, went through the usual paperwork and then got stuck in.

Every business needs a solid foundation and we are no different. During that first week we invested a good amount of time ensuring, as a team, we defined, bought into and could embody our vision, mission and values. We also had the perfect distraction aka team building exercises of furniture building as we completed the office fit out which, with the exception of one table, is now complete.

With all of the major change going on, it is however the ‘little things’ and personal touches that have really made me smile or told me a lot about the environment and culture we’re trying to create; from starting to get to know new colleagues, to Craig (our CEO) getting hold off an actual airline trolley as our Thursday drinks trolley to being asked what I want on the weekly shop for the office kitchen, it is those “little things” that make a massive difference in building a great company culture.

We are hiring, and will continue to do so throughout the next six to nine months. You can find out more about Careers at Upgrade Pack, and our current vacancies, in the menu above. We’re creating a diverse, collaborative, supportive, and focused group of people. Culture isn’t just an add-on… With a blank canvas, we’re creating a culture from the ground up that reflects our values and our view of what a modern company should be.

Thanks for joining us. Please connect with us on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook to keep up with our story and journey.

Company culture
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