December 7, 2018

Discovering the joys of Richmond

Michaela Smith
VP of Product

Location, location, location so the saying goes, is the most important thing when choosing a property, and this is no different for an office.

For some, being in Central London is key: perhaps because clients are based there, or they consider it more prestigious, but at Upgrade Pack, where creating a good work-life balance is a priority, being Richmond-based helps us to build the sort of work environment we want to be part of! And we're certainly not alone in thinking so - we're in great company here - our neighbours include, Ebay, Paypal and Gumtree to name a few.

Besides being very well connected by train, tube and bus, it’s a joy to make the reverse-commute into Richmond. Travelling the opposite way to everyone else ensures your train is a little less crowded, with fewer of the more aggressive commuter-types than you might encounter on a daily basis in central London. Arriving in the office in a relaxed and calm frame of mind makes a huge different to your working day!

Lastly, but very importantly, Richmond offers unrivalled natural beauty and access to some of the most wonderful outdoor habitats in London: from strolling by the river (or kayaking if you’ve got energy to burn), heading to Petersham Nurseries, Kew Gardens or Richmond Park itself, other areas of London just can’t match up!

If we’ve convinced you, why not join us? You can find out more about Careers at Upgrade Pack, and our current vacancies, in the menu above. We’re creating a diverse, collaborative, supportive, and focused group of people. Culture isn’t just an add-on… With a blank canvas, we’re creating a culture from the ground up that reflects our values and our view of what a modern company should be.

If you want to hear more about our journey, please connect with us on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook.

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