January 4, 2019

Future of Marketing Conference

Katherine Packer

Here at Upgrade Pack, we are all about innovation. From day one, we’ve understood that what we’re doing doesn’t fall into a neat category. We’re disrupting FinTech, Travel, and Loyalty simultaneously.


With a new industry comes a new way to reach customers, and that’s why we’re so excited about the Future of Marketing conference, where Upgrade Pack CEO Craig Unsworth, will be speaking on Thursday, November 22nd. He will be joined by Greg Barden of Pixie and Gareth Jones, the marketing director of Ebay UK (our Richmond neighbour!) to discuss the Future of Retail. It is no secret that the world of retail is shifting, and with that, by necessity, the way of marketing to consumers and business must change as well. While it’s unlikely that we will see the complete death of in person shopping and high streets, retailers need to learn to work within the new technologies that are constantly being produced in order to stay relevant. It is also imperative to simplify the shopping process for a generation used to having everything in the palm of their hands.


Craig comes from an advertising technology background, and has 16 years’ experience in product and technology spheres, bringing a wide variety of experience into the founding of Upgrade Pack. He will offer a new perspective on the future of retail and how he envisions innovation supporting the sector’s future growth. We are thrilled to be a part of this exciting one-day conference, and to help catapult the world into a new phase of retail and marketing.

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