January 4, 2019

London as a technology hotspot

Lyan Tofan
Full Stack Developer

Nowadays, technology is the moving force that pushes human kind beyond our imagination. As a simple example, our mobile phones which holds thousands of photos, music, applications and other data have changed our lives in a myriad of ways. It is incredible to think how fast things have evolved in only 20 years.

The 21st century is one defined by technology. That’s why my dream is be a part of this tech revolution. One step I knew I had to take to achieve my dream was to find a way to be surrounded with people, communities and places where this revolution take place. That’s why I decided to move to London–in order to follow this dream. London is one of the most important cities for the technology revolution. This is because of the many tech communities and hubs that are providing access to support programmes, networks, and drop-in workspaces.

Photo by Nikita Vantorin on Unsplash

Within London’s tech ecosystem we can highlight the following members: TechHub/Campus, Techstars, and Silicon Drinkabout are some of the best at building communities. In terms skill development I would highly recommend General Assembly, Makers Academy and Le Wagon. London has also become one of the best places for tech and innovation festivals. The festivals in London have brought together over 55,000 collective attendees to enjoy hundreds of crowdsourced events across the city. Tech Week 2018 that was one of the biggest and boldest festivals ever seen.

Being in London for just a few weeks, I have already had the opportunity to get an inside glimpse into the local tech and developer ecosystem. The community in London is estimated to have over 250,000 coders who are all diverse and engaged with what they are doing. According to the European Tech Landscape Report, the United Kingdom is already home to the largest number of technologists, scientists, and engineers in Europe.

In London you can find an abundance of interesting offers for coders, engaging projects and other places where you can grow as a professional and develop your ideas, and it is likely to be a hotspot for developers, start-ups and global tech giants for many years to come due to the supportive government and active local investment ecosystem. When you surround yourself with great people in a vibrant place like London, it will contribute to your growth and allow you to give your best to whatever you’re working on. Moving to London to continue my career as a software engineer has already been one of the best decisions of my life.  

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