December 14, 2018

Product planning progress

Michaela Smith
VP of Product

Happy Friday everyone!

We thought we would round off the week by sharing a little about our product planning progress.

One of the most exciting things about joining a start-up is the opportunity to shape a blank slate into an elegant, desirable product. With no legacy systems or preconceived ideas to take into consideration and a collaborative team to work with, it’s a really exhilarating time to roll your sleeves up, jump in and let your creativity shine through.

During our first week, we agreed a clear product vision, which we have printed and placed in our war room to ensure we never lose focus on our goal – we even test each other regularly to ensure our vision is firmly imprinted in our minds!

From the vision we determined a robust strategy to take us through to launch, after which we will revisit the strategy and hone it for the next 3-6 months of development, ensuring our focus is agreed and maintained even as our product evolves.

As you would expect, our users are central to our product design process, so, having identified our vision and strategy, we moved towards validating it, by identifying our user base. With our collective team knowledge, accompanied by research, our primary and secondary users have been shaped to allow us to start planning the actual product around their needs.

I began by thinking through the user flow of the marketplace, sketching and using InVision to develop ideas before introducing to the team in our first sticky note session! The team is balanced perfectly around user, partner, client and technical needs, so the session was very constructive and informative. Between us, we have the beginnings of a well-thought through user flow to take into the next phase of product development.

If this sounds like the sort of development process and team you’d like to be part of - good news - we’re hiring! You can find out more about Careers at Upgrade Pack, and our current vacancies, in the menu above. We’re creating a diverse, collaborative, supportive, and focused group of people. Culture isn’t just an add-on… With a blank canvas, we’re creating a culture from the ground up that reflects our values and our view of what a modern company should be.

If you want to hear more about our journey, please connect with us on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook.

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