Propositions and problem solving – our users

Peter Shackleton
VP of Commercial

It's been a great few weeks at Upgrade Pack, but the rate of progression has meant it's taken a little more time to complete this brief trilogy of blogs than originally anticipated. In this last post I wanted to focus on the problems we solve for our most important constituency: our users.

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In truth when it comes to users, it is their 'desires' that we are addressing. But as desirability drives spend, the net effect is the same as solving a problem.

Our users want to travel. When they do, they want to get ever increasing 'value' and want to be excited about experiences that are exclusive and ultimately 'shareable'. Some may read that statement and agree without question, but let's look at the data: 

  • Firstly, do people love to travel? Whatever the perception of the Global economy and it's impact on spending, people are travelling more and more. In fact Millennials take more business trips than any other generation (MMY Global Survey), with the global spend on travel is increasing year or year, topping $8.54tn in 2016 (WTTC).
  • What do people want when they travel? They want more! When people are travelling, they continue to have that aspiration for 'a bit more', whether that be seat / room size, meal quality, service etc. In fact we found that 95% of people say the one thing they want most of all when they travel is an upgrade (UP 2018).
  • They want a deal. Travellers are happy to spend money on travel, but the sense of 'getting a good' deal has become a key factor and something travellers will wait for. More than 60% of U.S. travellers would consider an impulse purchase based on a good deal in 2017 (Google/Phocusright 2017).
  • Does something being shareable really matter? Travel remains one of the most shared 'life experiences' with over 76% of all facebook users (AdWeek) and 97% of Millennials ( posting holiday / travel content . This is driving an ever increasing requirement for 'exclusivity' in peoples' travel experiences.

This shows that offering users access to exclusive options to upgrade existing travel bookings at discounted rates, addresses their current 'desires'. We want the platform to provide our users with a Moment of Delight, the means of 'upgrading' a great trip to something truly memorable, and then doing it over and over again.

December 7, 2018

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