February 17, 2020

Alex Bennett joins Upgrade Pack as Head of Employee Benefits

Louise Naqvi
PR Manager

Upgrade Pack has appointed Alex Bennett as Head of Employee Benefits. 

Alex has 20 years’ experience in employee benefits, rewards, and wellbeing. Encompassing practice lead, consultative, and proposition development roles; he has built his career in large advisory firms including Aon, Mercer, and Capita

Prior to joining Upgrade Pack Alex worked for Mercer, where he was instrumental in the development, delivery, and roll out of innovative solutions to help its clients harness opportunities, and mitigate challenges, around demographic change in the workforce, adding to their Health, Wealth and Workplace proposition development.

At Upgrade Pack Alex will be working with employers to implement the company’s platform for leisure travel upgrades. Delivered as an app, it provides employees of participating employers with exclusive offers on flight and hotel upgrades, to provide an entirely new type of employee benefit.

Craig Unsworth, Group CEO of Upgrade Pack said: “Alex’s experience speaks for itself and I am personally delighted that he will be bringing his deep understanding of the benefits landscape and employee wellness to the team as we deliver a first of its kind benefit for employees, and as we scale internationally.”

Alex added: “Upgrade Pack have identified a really interesting gap in the market to offer a reward that’s not only impressively rich and innovative, but which also helps employers optimise their annual leave and flexible working policy. This is a positive life-affirming benefit that employees understand, and will use and get value from. I’m looking forward to helping innovative employers offer a benefit that will further promote their positive work values, and balance other wellness-led solutions that necessarily focus on risk mitigation.”

Employee benefits
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