August 18, 2020

Upgrade Pack talks holidays

Louise Naqvi
PR Manager

The summer holiday season is upon us, and our team are looking forward to their planned summer breaks.

Here’s a snapshot of where some of the team are headed this summer, plus a video where some of the team share more about their destinations and travelling habits.

Our Junior UI Designer Merve is heading to Datça this summer

Michaela, our VP of  Product, has planned a vacation in Muskoka (Canada)
Our Group COO Urchana is heading to Hawaii

And with the company also trialling a four-day working week, many are taking the opportunity to plan some trips to those ‘always meant to go, but not quite made it’ destinations, make visits to see friends and family outside of the UK or London; with destinations including Scotland, Italy, Moldova and Lithuania, to name a few.

Our Lead Designer Luis adds: “Having Fridays off will mean that a long-haul trip is possible. I have a friend that’s just moved to Hong Kong which now seems more viable to go and visit. Closer to home, I’ll be able to visit my family outside of London for longer than just the weekend.”

Travel habits 

As a company that’s all about travel though, we’re as much about the journey as the destination. So, we canvassed our team to find out more about ‘how’ they travel.

For instance, when travelling, are you a master of packing light, or do you bust your baggage allowance by catering for all weathers, events and activities?

Here at Upgrade Pack it’s a pretty even split between the two – with approaches to suitcase-filling not always indicative of the trips we’re going on.

Among those prescribing to the “everything but the kitchen sink” approach are our Chief of Staff, Vicky and Partner Manager for Airlines, James. “I get told that I pack the same for a short getaway as Ido for a 2-week holiday”, admits James. “As the old saying goes, you never know what you might need so I like to be prepared”. Vicky, however, is clearer cut: “Quite simply for me, there’s no such thing as packing light. Thank goodness for maximum baggage allowances…”

But we also have some packing pros amongst us. Having travelled extensively from the USA in the past – often to numerous locations with vastly different climates – our Head of Product, Michaela is now a master of packing efficiently and for ‘all weathers’. “For one business trip I literally had boots, jumpers and a thick coat on one side for Toronto and fine layers and sandals on the other for Singapore she says. “Although it got me into very good habits which, especially now with children, is a big plus!” Similarly, Junior UI Designer Merve, who also has a keen eye for fashion, can pack a 12-day ‘capsule wardrobe’ into a cabin dimensions bag – impressive!

Travel light?
Bust the baggage allowance?

Top travel tech 

As you would probably expect, as a tech company building a market-first app for travel, we’re quite into our gadgets.

So, what is the top tech that we can’t travel without?

Our Essentials:

Noise cancelling headphones
Power bank

Even on holiday, many of us like to stay connected. As our Social Media Executive Miriam states: “There’s not much worse than having the perfect Instagram shot in front of you on holiday, and your phone dies...”

Most of us like to travel with a holiday book. But in the battle between paper-based and digital readers, which comes out tops? Well, it would seem that alongside all that tech there’s still definitely room for a good paper-back as the majority of the team prefer a book with a spine.

Seems the power of the paperback as part of a 'digital detox' reigns supreme.

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