December 14, 2018

Welcome. Come on in...

Craig Unsworth

Welcome to Upgrade Pack and the Thinking section of, where all members of our team will share ideas, thoughts, insights, and news.

Everything we talk about stems from our obsessive focus on our mission:

To transform the way upgrades are attained by the most valued customers and employees of the world’s most innovative companies.

We’re starting with flights and hotels - because 95% of people say an upgrade is the one thing they want most when they travel.

We’ve spent years, prior to Upgrade Pack, working with major corporates and financial services organisations around the world; each keen to reward their most valued customers and employees. We’re building a platform to do just that - combining the exciting and varied world of travel with cutting edge technology to build a compelling offer that helps attract, retain, and reward. We’re 100% tech, 100% user experience focused, and 100% committed to building something that both is disruptive and delivers reciprocal value. A true platform.

I’m especially proud to be able to introduce our Leadership Team over the next few blog posts. Each will publish their latest thinking for their respective areas of our business: Technology, Product, Commercial and Operations. We’re breaking the mould, and driving innovation, in each. Our goal to absolutely build a company like no other.

We are hiring, and will continue to do so throughout the next six to nine months. You can find out more about Careers at Upgrade Pack, and our current vacancies, in the menu above. We’re creating a diverse, collaborative, supportive, and focused group of people. Culture isn’t just an add-on… With a blank canvas, we’re creating a culture from the ground up that reflects our values and our view of what a modern company should be.

Thanks for joining us. Please connect with us on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook to keep up with our story and journey.

Craig Unsworth

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